Amazon Stower Job Description

Amazon Stower Job Description: Each department at Amazon has its duties to perform, including a stower. A stower job is about creating a friendly environment for Amazon’s customers by placing items in locations where they can be seen and ordered.

Every year, Amazon receives millions of job applications for all jobs, making it very difficult to get a job there. As the job market for this niche is highly crowded, you might want to start working at a lower-level position, such as a job in their warehouse facility.

Warehouse jobs include packaging, delivering, handling, and managing inventory. You can apply for a job as an Amazon stower who scans products and places them on shelves. We will tell you more about an Amazon Stower’s job description and responsibilities.

Skills Required To Be An Amazon Stower 

Amazon warehouse workers need the following skills to succeed:

Technical skills:

The technical skills you have are the abilities that enable you to perform tasks. For example, if you’re applying for a job at an Amazon tower, you may have to know how to operate a forklift. Technical skills are often developed through training, education, or experience.

Communication skills:

Customer service jobs require excellent communication skills. An Amazon tower will typically communicate with customers either over the phone or in person. You may also need to communicate with other employees to ensure the proper storage of products.

Attention to detail:

Attention to detail is the ability to notice small changes in a situation, which is essential for an Amazon tower to complete its tasks correctly. For example, if a customer orders a book, the stower might notice the text is missing a page and replace it. This ensures that the customer receives the correct product and completes its task.

Physical stamina:

Physical stamina is the capacity to sustain physical activity for long periods. Stowers often have to lift and move heavy objects, so they need a high stamina level. This can allow them to complete tasks more efficiently and safely.


You may work with other employees in your department or team as a skills Amazon tower. Working with others can help you complete your tasks and assignments.

Duties And Responsibilities Of An Amazon Stower-

An Amazon tower performs many responsibilities to ensure that the store runs smoothly and that the customers have no problems while shopping.

One of their primary responsibilities is to make sure the shelves in the stores are adequately stocked with products, and they also keep track of all of the products through barcodes. Other responsibilities are as follows:

Offering a fast-paced cooperative retail environment with courteous customer service

To ensure that the retail store is running smoothly and that the customers feel welcome, the staff must ensure that the customer has a pleasant shopping experience.

Scanning and manually putting items at their different bar-coded places

The employees scan and keep track of all the products by putting barcodes. After putting barcodes on the products, they ensure that all the products are in their proper place by placing them on the shelves.

Placing the products in display aisles

The backroom goods are taken to the sales floor to be stocked on shelves, and unique sales displays are built there.

Ensuring conformity

The concept of conformity is achieved by identifying objects in storage locations and comparing their information to work orders.

Training new employees

We train new workers to follow Amazon’s business policies, maintain customer satisfaction, and learn to use the POS system. All new employees are adequately trained and are competent enough to carry out all tower responsibilities.

Assisting customers

The Stowers help the customers locate and obtain the required products. They may also provide information regarding the products to the customers looking for items and solutions to various difficulties.

Job Benefits Of An Amazon Stower-

Part-time Amazon towers can earn anywhere from $11 to $15 per hour, depending on the area where they are employed, while a full-time Amazon tower can earn up to $23,000 annually.

The pay of Amazon towers increases as they gain more experience. Amazon also offers a variety of benefits to its towers, including:

a) Paid time off

b) Health insurance

c) Accidental insurance

d) Paternity and Maternity leave


It is not easy to get a job at Amazon, so you might want to initially apply for a lower-level job and work your way up. If you are looking for a lower-level position, you might use it for a tower job. A tower has to perform many responsibilities, so this is a relatively easy job.

As a stower, you are responsible for scanning products and placing them on the correct shelf for clients. You are also responsible for reporting broken items to the supervisor and ensuring that products are tagged correctly. The employee also maintains the hygienic standards of the working area and assists customers with their problems and inquiries.

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