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Angular Developer Job Description

Angular Developer Job Description

Angular Developer Job Description – Developers who specialize in Angular are skilled JavaScript developers with a strong understanding of software engineering theory. As Angular developers, we are responsible for the software’s client-side, which is the core of our work.

In addition to building websites and web applications, they can also provide full-featured user interfaces. Angular developers are also responsible for component and module creation and connect them to create essential software.

Angular developers are also responsible for the front end of various web & mobile applications. They build highly scalable and performant systems. Additionally, the Angular developers will work alongside the back-end developers to ensure that the SPA is constructed in accordance with the specified terms and another technical accuracy.

The Angular developers should also conduct unit tests after the development phase has been completed. The testers are responsible for testing code units, services, components, and so on.

When it comes to Angular development, developers are also knowledgeable about developing applications that access APIs and external data sources, when it comes to extracting information from third-party services.

Angular Developer Responsibilities:

  • Implementing angularJS best practices to design and develop user interfaces for the mobile platform.
  • Using the latest front-end technologies to adapt interfaces to modern internet applications.
  • Creating JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code.
  • Developing a process for product analysis.
  • The ability to make complex technical and design decisions for AngularJS projects.
  • AngularJS, Java Technologies and Rest Web Services are used to develop application codes and unit tests.
  • Conducting performance tests is an important part of the testing process.
  • Assisting with the design process with the help of the design team.
  • Providing support and ensuring that the applications run smoothly and at optimal performance.  

Angular Developer Requirements:

  •  An undergraduate degree in computer science, engineering, or a similar field.
  • An understanding of AngularJS development.
  • Having a thorough knowledge of CSS, HTML, and writing code that is cross-browser compatible is very important.
  • A good understanding of JavaScript development tools like Gulp and Grunt is very important.
  • An understanding of JavaScript MVVM/MVC frameworks, including AngluarJS, is essential.
  • The ability to manage projects well is also important.
  • Experience in implementing JavaScript applications on both the front end and the back end.
  • Proficient communication skills are a must.
  • You should think critically and be able to solve problems effectively.  

Why should one opt for a career in Angular development?

Independence across platforms

A great deal of praise has been given to Angular as a cross-platform development tool. With this feature, when you can gain power on desktop, web, and mobile application development, why instead focus only on one?

Also, this digital era demands that the web be accessed from a wide range of devices, from mobiles to desktop computers. The design of web applications that can be adjusted on various devices is essential to complement these devices. As it happens, Angular has these capacities in abundance.

Google’s support is greatly appreciated.

An essential feature of Angular is that it has the backing of bigwigs such as Google. Several Google Maestros extend their valuable support to many Angular projects, which, as a result, makes it popular and a favorite among many developers. It is important to note that the Google developers have supported Angular for a long time, further contributing to its recognition.

Earn a lot of money

Angular developers make a good salary anywhere in the world, including India. India’s average Angular developer salary is at least * 800,000 per year, with entry-level positions starting at ₹ 500,000 per year. As a result, experienced employees earn *1,440,000 per year.

Furthermore, Angular developers’ average salary is highest in countries like Israel, Israel, Australia, and Western Europe. On average, entry-level Angular developers earn around $97,500 per year, mid-level developers make approximately $112,000, and senior developers earn roughly $139,000.

Different skill sets are required.

Since Angular developers tend to possess various skills, the demand for their services is relatively high. As a result, JavaScript frameworks are the most popular among these, and the Angular development community dominates this domain and its concepts. Your knowledge of JavaScript libraries makes you a more attractive candidate in a competitive market.

Stunning speed and performance

The diverse set of features Angular offers, such as routers, template syntax, etc., increase a programmer’s comfort. Furthermore, they ensure that the application loads quickly and smoothly. This framework is fully compatible with a variety of back-end programming languages. It makes it easy to present gathered data attractively.

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Angular Developer Job Description

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