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AR Caller Job Description

ar caller job description

AR Caller Job Description –

  • Call the payer and check the status or use the IVR or web portal to perform a pre-call analysis
  • Maintain appropriate documentation on the client software to enable transmission of necessary documentation to insurance companies and to maintain an audit trail for future reference
  • To follow-up on claims, record after-call actions and perform post-call analysis
  • Assessment and resolution of inquiries, requests, and complaints through telephone calls to ensure that customer inquiries are resolved at the first point of contact
  • Provide accurate product and service information to the customer, search for documentation including authorizations, nursing notes, medical documentation on the client’s system, and interpret the explanation of benefits received etc. before making contact
  • Analyze accounts receivable data and determine the reasons for underpayments, the days spent in accounts receivable, and the leading reasons for denials. Use appropriate codes in documentation to identify the reasons for denials / underpayments

Responsibilities of an AR Caller

  • Obtain further information on outstanding accounts receivable from insurance companies on behalf of physicians
  • Determine the priority of unpaid claims for calling based on the length of time they have been outstanding
  • Make direct contact with the insurance companies and encourage them to pay the unpaid claims
  • Review the information provided by the patient regarding their insurance coverage
  • Evaluation of unpaid insurance claims
  • Call the insurance companies and inquire about the status of claims
  • If the patient does not have adequate insurance coverage, the outstanding balance will be transferred to him or her
  • Request an explanation of benefits from the insurance company if the claim has already been paid
  • Based on information provided by the insurance company, make corrections to the claim

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AR Caller Job Description

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