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BCBA Job Description

BCBA Job Description – Board-certified behaviour analysts (BCBAs) are healthcare professionals who study children and adults and develop plans to improve problematic behaviours. Most clients have developmental disabilities, brain injuries, or difficulties controlling their emotions, behaviour, or social interaction. BCBAs may also assist people in managing issues such as stress, anger, or personal behaviour goals […]

What Is The Job Description Of CRM Specialist?

What Is The Job Description Of CRM Specialist? Considering the word “specialist” appears in the job title, CRM specialists are those individuals who are experts in the usage of CRM software and the various tips and tricks that may be employed to increase a business’s customer list, enhance relationships, and increase sales. Furthermore, they may […]

What Is The Job Description Business Process Services TCS?

What Is The Job Description Business Process Services TCS? BPS (Business Process Services) at TCS manages and executes business operations. Business processes are delivered through our domain expertise in various industries, along with analytics and insights. In addition, we provide supporting activities such as accounting, human resources, and supply chain management. By partnering with customers […]

What Is The Job Description Bank Clerk?

What Is The Job Description Bank Clerk? Bank clerks or tellers are entry-level employment positions in the banking or financial sectors. They are the primary point of contact with customers. The employees are responsible, among other things, for answering customer questions regarding baking products and services, administering various banking transactions, and marketing financial products. Savings […]

Voice Process Job Description

Voice Process Job Description – The job title “voice process” refers to a position involving voice-based communication. Examples of this are: A call center agent. A customer service representative. A telemarketer. Other positions in which individuals communicate with customers. Agents of the Voice process provide telephone support to customers who have questions or complaints. Their […]

Counter Sales Job Description

Counter Sales Job Description – In retail stores, counter sales workers are the employees who sell products and services directly to the public. On the other hand, some counter salespeople rent products – for instance, in automobile rental agencies—retail sales workers staff many counters in department stores and other large retail outlets. Responsibilities of Counter […]

Sales Intern Job Description

Sales Intern Job Description – The sales interns are an integral part of the sales team. As they gain experience, they may perform administrative and entry-level duties for the Manager and other senior staff. In addition to conducting research, making phone calls, sending emails, and updating records, sales interns also attend meetings and maintain client […]

Flutter Developer Job Description

Flutter Developer Job Description- The Flutter UI software development kit is an open-source tool developed by Google. It is generally used for developing cross-platform applications for platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia, and the web from a single codebase. Main responsibilities of a Flutter Developer Developing and designing applications Flutter developers […]

KYC Analyst Job Description

KYC Analyst Job Description – KYC analysts are primarily responsible for reviewing documentation for new customer accounts, evaluating high-risk accounts and analyzing new customer processes and policies. The analysts also study market trends and examine patterns of customer behaviour within the organization. Furthermore, KYC analysts can perform risk and compliance analyses of proposed new products […]

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