Career Opportunities after 12th Science

Career Opportunities after 12th Science – Among students and parents, Science happens to be the favourite and preferred stream. It opens the scope for numerous lucrative job opportunities, such as medical, engineering, IT, biotechnology, pharmacy, and research. There is a wide range of career options for science students, and this stream tends to draw students who are:

Being innovative. Being technical in thought. Being interested in practical knowledge about everything. Being interested in experimenting. Being interested in applying academic knowledge to everything.

Inevitably, Science enables students to see the world from a practical perspective, which results in science students searching for the meaning behind everything they do. Students are not usually satisfied with fabricated or philosophical explanations. Science teaches them to look for practical reasons in their lives and apply them.

With all of that said, it indicates that career options in Science would include all fields that require a practical, technical, and innovative approach to things. Let us explore the variety of career options within the science stream in more detail.

Career opportunities after 12th Science –

Bachelor of Architecture ( Architecture)

The demand for architects to design and plan functional and safe structures is on the rise after 12th grade. Architects are licensed professionals who design and prepare works of art. An architect can be involved in every phase of the building’s development, including conception and construction.

To become one, one must pursue a Bachelor of Architecture degree, which takes roughly five years to complete after class 12th. Applicants who have earned a bachelor’s degree in another field, like architectural history or construction management, can apply to a Master of Architecture Program for those with B.Arch professional degrees and a desire to specialize in historic preservation, design theory, solar design, etc., are also available.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharma)

Pharmacy courses teach students how to dispense and prepare medicines and make them aware of drug-related information. The students of this course will be more knowledgeable about the prescriptions given by doctors, so they will be able to provide advice on health care programmes.

They will also be able to assess drug and drug use patterns. To become a pharmacist, you will have to pursue a four-year B.Pharm programme. Many colleges/institutions conduct entrance exams to enter this course.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Those who have cleared their class 12th in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) may want to consider careers in the healthcare industry. This field not only suits your subjects but also makes a good career choice after class 12. You can prepare for medical entrance exams to get into a top medical school to pursue an MBBS degree.

Candidates can take various entrance exams for admission to MBBS/BDS schools such as NEET, AIIMS, and JIPMER to get into the college of their choice. Upon obtaining an MBBS degree, you can choose whether to pursue an MD to specialize in your area of interest or practice medicine.

Bachelor of Science (in Pure Sciences)-

A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree is an undergraduate degree in which aspirants can pursue a career in Science. Aspirants must have completed Class XII in the Science stream to qualify for a BSc degree. Most universities in India offer BSc courses for three years.

Bachelor in Computer Applications (IT and Software)

In general, BCA is an undergraduate course undertaken by students who wish to study computer languages. Bachelor of Computer Applications is on par with a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. Bachelor of Computer Applications is open to students with a 10+2 degree in any discipline and Math (English may also be required in some cases) and an average of 45%-55%.

Post Basic BSc – Nursing

It is a two-year degree program that helps students understand the objectives and responsibilities of nursing as a profession. Students who complete the General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) course after completing their 10+2 in Science with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks will be considered eligible for the course.

# Scope in science stream 

Science offers many career opportunities to 12th-passed students. The best part of Science is that you can switch to other streams, such as arts, humanities, or even commerce. A graduation degree will get you started in a great career.

         #In addition to these, there are several certificate programs as well. Just like the diploma courses, certificate programs also assist in building a solid career by focusing the teaching on a specific interest area of the student.

Here are some examples of certificate courses:

Certificate Course in Digital Marketing 

In addition to digital analytics, SEO (Search Engine Optimizations), social media marketing, and other aspects of digital marketing, it covers all aspects of digital marketing.

Certificate Course in MS Office 

The course teaches everything related to Microsoft Office, including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, etc.

Certificate Course in Java Technologies –

It covers arrays, loops, variables, methods, etc., in the java language.

Certificate Course in 3D Animation 

This course teaches 2D and 3D animation and graphic design, character design, etc.

Certificate Course in AutoCAD 

The course includes creating drawing objects, applying object snaps, etc.

Certificate Course in Visual Effects 

The course covers various filming and lighting techniques, creating dynamic effects, etc.

Certificate Course in Linux 

This course teaches how to apply enterprise-level tools, command-line concepts, etc.

Certificate Course in C++ 

It introduces students to all aspects of the C++ programming language. Students will write computer codes and solve major and minor problems.

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