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Grant Writer Job Description

Grant Writer Job Description

Grant Writer –

In addition to giving job seekers a brief description of what makes their office unique and what they offer new employees, organizations seeking top-quality candidates will often include two or three sentences in their job advertisements. This is your chance to set yourself apart from other grant writer job postings.

What Does a Grant Writer Do?

Generally, the Grant Writer works for nonprofit organizations as part of the development department to raise money for the organization’s mission. They look for grants and research their requirements to find opportunities compatible with the organization’s mission. A Grant Writer communicates with company leadership before applying for an appointment to confirm that the company is interested in collaborating with the foundation or company offering the grant.

During the research phase, Grant Writers prepare several drafts using persuasive language and facts about the organization to explain why they should receive funding and how it will be spent.

The most successful share the following skills and traits:

1 Developing persuasive and creative writing skills – ability to sell a program or project

2 Collaborate well with others – able to work on programs/projects with other staff

3 Ability to meet tight deadlines and handle multiple tasks with grace

4 Understanding complicated directions and grant guidelines

Grant Writer Skills and Qualifications-

1 An undergraduate degree in English, communications, creative writing, or a related field is preferred (a master’s degree is preferred).

2 Experience writing grants for at least two years

3 An excellent understanding of proposal submissions and fundraising

4 Ability to understand the programs and funding requirements of the organization

5 Knowledge of information sources and strong research skills

6 Multitasking, organization, and time management skills

7 Ability to remain confidential at all times

8 Knowledge of computers

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

1 A bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, Media, or a related field.

2 A minimum of one year experience in grant writing, prospect research, general fundraising, or two years of comparable and transferable skills acquired in a professional setting.

Grant Writer Job Responsibilities-

1 Determines concept, gathers and formats information, writes drafts, and obtains approvals for proposals.

2 Develops proposal concepts by identifying and clarifying opportunities and needs, studying requests for proposals (RFPs), and attending strategy meetings.

3 Sets targets for obtaining information, writing, rewriting, reviewing, and approving the proposal by the deadline.

4. Provides information about the status of proposals to review meetings and coordinates requirements with contributors.

5 Assembles information about proposals by identifying sources of information, coordinating submissions and collections, and identifying and communicating risks.

6 Prepares a proposal by gathering information regarding the nature of the project, objectives, results, deliverables, methods, timetable, staffing, budget, performance standards, and evaluation.

7 Prepares, revises, and edits drafts, including executive summaries, conclusions, and organization credentials.

8 Preparation of a presentation includes evaluating text, graphics, binding, and coordinating printing.

9 Maintains quality results by using templates, following proposal-writing standards, including readability, consistency, and tone, and maintaining proposal databases.

10 Obtains approvals by reviewing proposals with key providers and project managers.

11 By evaluating and re-designing processes, approaches, coordination, and boilerplate, proposal-writing results can be improved.

12 Continually updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities.

Grant Writer Experience Requirements-

A Grant Writer position at the entry level may not require any experience. Still, it is always beneficial to hire applicants with one or two years of experience in grant writing. For a senior-level position, you might want to hire candidates with a higher experience level.

As well as grant writing experience, candidates with a background in fundraising, public relations, mass communications, or public relations are often well suited for this position. Many experienced Grant Writers prefer to work remotely or on a contract basis.

Grant Writer Education and Training Requirements-

A Grant Writer should have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in communication, journalism, creative writing, marketing, etc. Most organizations look for a master’s degree, especially if the position involves writing proposals for donors and international organizations.

Grant Writers develop their skills through online resources, practice, and on-the-job training, although many educational institutions offer certifications, programs, and workshops in grant writing.

Tips for starting a career as a grant writer-

Besides the steps listed above, these tips will help you start writing grants:

1 Volunteer:

If you’re passionate about a cause, join a nonprofit organization that supports it. You’ll understand the nonprofit sector and have the opportunity to work with similar people.

2 Network:

You can gain job opportunities by participating in nonprofit events, creating a professional website, and contacting other professionals in the field.

3 Study:

To build your portfolio, you may want to find a mentor or an internship to help you better understand the career of grant writing. This can also lead to job and networking opportunities.

4 Register:

Consider joining the Grant Professionals Association. It can help you establish your career and find others in your field.

What is a Typical Day Like?

A grant writer is either a specialist or a generalist, depending on the organization’s size and the scope of their work. A grant writer at a large organization is usually a “specialist,” whereas those at a small organization are “generalists.”

In a grant writing job, you will not only be responsible for drafting proposals, but you will also be responsible for researching donors and managing grants after they have been awarded.

1. Finding the Money – searching for potential donors

2 Developing the Programs – working with the staff to develop programs that can be funded

3 Write the Grant Proposal – create a detailed, written plan of action

4 Managing the Grant – ensuring that the program/project is being carried out according to the agreement

5 Five Other Assigned Duties – maintain grant calendar and write acknowledgments


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Grant Writer Job Description

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