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Grants Manager Job Description

Grants Manager Job Description

A grants manager is responsible for planning and executing the grant-making process by working with the finance team to work within the budget, supporting program staff with research into funding opportunities, managing documents and deadlines, and tracking grantee results.

Responsibilities of Grants Manager

  • Developing grant programs.
  • Calculating the amount of funding needed.
  • Identifying possible agencies for support.
  • The grant administration process should be optimized.
  • Planning and managing timelines and deliverables.
  • Maintaining budgets and preparing budgets.
  • Maintaining a grant application tracking system.
  • Funding opportunities are being investigated.
  • Coordination and engagement with grant writers.
  • Working knowledge of auditing policies.
  • Communication skills are essential.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Writing strong skills
  • Ability to think strategically and analyze
  • Possess problem-solving skills
  • Skills in project management
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Extensive accounting and budgeting experience
  • A basic understanding of computers.
  • Good familiarity with auditing practices

Key Benefits to Being Grants Manager

Better decision-making through increased transparency

The grantmakers of an organization make countless operational and tactical decisions daily. Therefore, they must have a GMS that provides transparency at all levels of the organization – this hinges on collecting the relevant data through the grant cycle.

To manage hundreds of external grantees or to implementing partners (IPs), the CFYE sought a system. By integrating Amp Impact with Form Titan, the CFYE can streamline the grant lifecycle and provide trend analytics via Salesforce Reports to share with team members and partners.


Truth as a central organizational source

To serve as a single source of truth, a GMS should integrate with an organization’s existing IT ecosystem. One of CFYE’s priorities was integrating Amp Impact within the existing Palladium enterprise architecture. With Salesforce’s robust APIs, the CFYE successfully incorporated Amp Impact within its current architecture.

Additionally, Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint are integrated with Salesforce to ensure data and communication are connected and securely stored, including logging Outlook emails into Salesforce and viewing SharePoint files in Salesforce.

Furthermore, Palladium pushes grant and impact data to Microsoft Power BI, enabling users to access real-time business intelligence. Data analysis and visualization are done by making Salesforce-housed data to Power BI and displaying dashboards to internal and external stakeholders through CFYE’s Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites.

Data management and analysis are made more accessible by integrating existing systems. Grantmakers will be able to extend their analytics beyond the Salesforce platform and into robust BI tools, proving to be quite powerful.

Delivery processes that are centralized and configurable

A GMS should be able to cater to various, tailored delivery processes. Mapping the system is crucial during the design and construction phases. Leveraging the Salesforce platform, Amp Impact provides grantmakers with the flexibility to scale and adapt the GMS to meet evolving needs.

Grantmakers who use a flexible GMS can tailor the system to meet their business needs. Whether it’s to accommodate additional grantees, report on different metrics, streamline the grant application process or provide efficiency for grantees and grantmakers. Thus, time can be shifted from administrative tasks to grant program delivery.

Collaboration with others

In addition to providing team members with access to data, the CFYE created a GMS that promotes new program delivery ideas and experimentation via data. Through Salesforce, the CFYE can work together in real-time within the GMS software. Additionally, direct communication with grantees often leads to new and more innovative ways by which grantees can engage more effectively with the system and deliver their programs.

A better performance management system

Grantmakers need to know how grantees are doing to provide feedback to external stakeholders and make sure the program goals are met. Grantees came from various sectors, each with its strengths and delivery needs. This complexity posed challenges for the CFYE, with over 100 implementing partners across 23 countries.

In determining delivery performance, the CFYE heavily relies on grantee reports. The GMS helps the CFYE and its partners comply with reporting requirements by automating and customizing the reporting process. Since CFYE IPs report directly into the GMS, data can be analyzed by partner and country as needed, with tailored and dynamic reports.

CFYE’s relationship managers and Netherlands-based senior management could easily digest information via GMS Reports regardless of their geographical location.

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Grants Manager Job Description

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