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Job Description Of Nursing Superintendent

Job Description Of Nursing Superintendent

Job Description Of Nursing Superintendent- Nursing Superintendents are expected to work independently in order to offer the highest quality nursing care in conjunction with the nursing administration of the institution.

The role of the Nursing Officer is to serve as the point of contact between the Institution concerned and the Directorate of Health Services and other Nursing Officers of other Institutions.

Moreover, the local authority will ensure that she will have a well-equipped separate office including telephone facilities with fax, a computer with internet connection, and a dealing clerk, an office peon, and a group – D for smooth running of her work during each shift.

Role of Nursing Superintendent

  • Maintaining the nursing policies and procedures and ensuring that they are kept up to date.
  • Assessment of the nursing staff’s training requirements and the selection of the nursing staff.
  • Nursing personnel are delegated responsibilities and duties based on their level of responsibility and training.
  • Ensure that the staff pattern remains stable at all times.
  • Conducting daily rounds of the hospital wards in order to ensure that all procedures are being performed according to policy.
  • Conduct routine meetings in order to monitor the performance of the service delivery system at different levels.
  • The investigation of complaints from patients and the resolution of those complaints.
  • Reports and feedback about any issues concerning the provision of patient care to the management in a timely and efficient manner.

Responsibilities of Nursing Superintendent

  • She is responsible and ultimately in-charge of nursing services at hospitals or specialized centres regardless of bed count.
  • Her responsibility will lie with the Medical Supervisor. Or Addl. The MS or the chief of the Centers at the hospital or centre, whichever is appropriate.
  • It is her responsibility to implement hospital and center policies across various nursing units.
  • Her responsibilities will include assisting the CNO with developing hospital policies, especially concerning nursing services.
  • In the absence of the CNO, she will act as CNO (the most senior member of the NS will act as CNO).
  • For the nursing departments of the hospital, she will recommend personnel and material requirements.
  • Her role will be to assist MS/Addl. Managers or Chiefs of Centres in recruiting nursing staff.
  • Her rounds at the hospital will be regular.
  • Her accompanying will be MS/Addl. MD while she makes rounds at the hospital.
  • It is her responsibility to ensure that patients in various wards, etc., receive safe and efficient care.
  • Her responsibility is to prepare nursing services budgets.
  • Her responsibilities include serving on various condemnation boards for hospital linen and other merchandise.
  • Counseling and supervision of subordinates will be her responsibility.
  • Attending meetings and conferences within the hospital is on her agenda.
  • Her main responsibility will be to investigate all complaints regarding nursing care and staff, and to take corrective actions as required.
  • It will be her responsibility to initiate and encourage nursing services research.
  • Her responsibility will be to evaluate confidential reports of her subordinates and to recommend them for promotion, higher studies, etc.
  • It is her responsibility to maintain cordial relations with patients and medical social workers.
  • Her duties will include interacting with clinical heads on a regular basis to discuss problems related to patient care.
  • Her job is to educate nursing staff of all categories by conducting an awareness programme on universal precautions in the workplace.

Nursing Superintendent Outlook and Wages

The job outlook for nursing superintendents is excellent. According to the BLS, these nursing managers will see 32 percent growth between now and 2029. Nurse superintendents and other healthcare managers earned an average wage of $118,800 in May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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Job Description Of Nursing Superintendent

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