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Salesforce Einstein Analytics Job Description

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Job Description

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Job Description – Salesforce Einstein Analytics Developer will be responsible for developing and delivering numerous dashboards for various areas of marketing. The analyst will become the “panel guru” and become a go-to person for all panel questions.

Salesforce Einstein analyst will maintain in-depth knowledge of the tool and all new features as they become available. The analyst is also responsible for conducting ad-hoc analysis on large data sets and providing results / findings to the business owners or management team.

Eligibility for Salesforce Einstein Analytics Job

  • Experience with Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a must
  • Passion for learning new tools and technologies such as Salesforce Einstein Analytics
  • Experience with scripting tools like Python, JavaSript, JSON etc
  • Passion for data, reporting, and Visualization
  • Experience with databases and writing SQL (Oracle, MySQL etc.)
  • Must experience with visualization tools like Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire or similar tools

How is Salesforce Einstein Analytics Beneficial for Sales Managers?

Salesforce Einstein Analytics estimates large data sets, retrieves crucial information. They recommends beneficial actions, and operates tasks that previously needed manual effort from the workforce.

These advantages alone make Salesforce Einstein Analytics an irreplaceable tool for sales managers in today’s competitive world. But let’s look at some of the main benefits and what causes them so invaluable.

Pipeline management

The biggest benefit of Einstein Analytics for sales managers is understanding changes to the opportunity flow progressively and in real-time.

Using it, managers can view updated deals and deals that moved into or out of the sales time frame and analyze closed deals that were won versus those that were lost.

Einstein Analytics assesses trends in opportunity rankings to help develop your sales flow. They make a meaningful list of changes to make them work, all within the application.

Whenever the sales rep manipulates the sales process, the platform can powerfully change the parameters of all the sales process dashboards and display data at lightning speed.


Sales managers can quickly monitor the entire process and compare execution and achievements over the sales period.

Leader visualization dashboards present a top-level view of KPIs and authorize further data evaluation to enable action without leaving the app, providing transparent data and performance-based rewards for the sales process.


Sales managers receive high-quality benefits through foresight. They can decisively evaluate sales and revenue.

With the help of forecasting, sales managers can use estimation dashboards to design as needed for the next sales period and understand when to anticipate closing deals.

Managers can also trigger notifications when the pipe sum changes.

Blank space analysis

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With the help of Salesforce Einstein Analytics, your team leaders can focus their time on impending fixes by running white space analysis.

See which items have been offered to which registries and build openings based on the need for that account.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics tentatively and thoughtfully provides the best scenarios to make the business procedure experience human-like, helping to expand business revenue and automate trends to prepare for future market needs to meet points market benchmark.

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Salesforce Einstein Analytics Job Description

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