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Voice Process Job Description

Voice Process Job Description

Voice Process Job Description –

The job title “voice process” refers to a position involving voice-based communication. Examples of this are:

  • A call center agent.
  • A customer service representative.
  • A telemarketer.
  • Other positions in which individuals communicate with customers.

Agents of the Voice process provide telephone support to customers who have questions or complaints. Their responsibilities include answering questions, providing information, and making recommendations regarding products and services.

The agent must listen carefully to the customer and respond appropriately to perform this job successfully. Usually, voice processing work is part-time and can be committed by a call center or business process outsourcing provider.

Voice Process Jobs Processes

A Voice process is composed of two steps:

Inbound Voice Process 

 In the inbound process, you will be answering calls from customers or prospects. A telecom company, for example, outsources its customer service so that you will be responsible for handling customer calls on behalf of the telecom company. Another example would be a potential customer contacting the business for additional information about a product or service.

Outbound Voice Process 

Agents must make outbound calls to customers as part of the outbound job process. It is generally the agent’s job to engage customers’ attention to convince them to purchase a product or service.

A customer service representative makes a telephone call and attempts to persuade customers to purchase a product. Customer service agents should be persuasive and knowledgeable about convincing customers to buy a product or service. In addition, agents must have the ability to explain the product or service and persuade the customer to buy it.

Voice Process Jobs Responsibilities

Agents in the Voice Process department are responsible for answering customer calls, resolving issues, or providing information about products and services offered. In many instances, agents must listen attentively to the caller and provide the appropriate information and assistance.

  • A call center agent should pay close attention to a caller’s complaint and provide appropriate assistance.
  • When a caller requests a follow-up call, an agent must schedule a time for the follow-up call. Moreover, if a caller asks for a return call within a specified period, the agent should schedule a follow-up call.
  • If the agent does not have the information or authority to resolve the issue, the customer service agent must direct the caller to the appropriate customer service representative.

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Voice Process Job Description

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