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What are the B Pharm Job Opportunities?

Bachelor in Pharmacy is a 4-year long undergraduate program in the field of Pharmacy which deals with health and chemical science. Throughout the B. Pharmacy program, students are introduced to various medicines and drugs as well as their uses and effects/side effects. Typically, to be eligible for B. Pharmacy, a student has to pass the class 12 (with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) board exam. The minimum requirement of marks varies for different Pharmacy institutes.

So, after you graduate from b.pharm, what are the career options after B.pharm and are there any higher studies options the graduates can opt for? If so, what are the best courses after b.pharm? This excerpt explains all about b.pharm and the opportunities it holds.

Top 5 B Pharm Job Opportunities

Comminuty Pharmacist

The community pharmacist is your local pharmacist who provides medicines to the general public. This is one of the most important jobs. You have to be careful of the governments strict rules and regulations while carefully checking prescriptions and dispensing medicines. Many B. Pharm students opt for this as this is a people-oriented profession and pays well. You can have your own drugstore as well.

R&D Scientist

R&D can be defined as any project to resolve scientific or technological uncertainty aimed at achieving an advance in science or technology. Those who are working in R&D-Pharmacy are termed as scientists with greater responsibilities and sharp knowledge.

The pharma industry mostly thrives on the R&D division. Research is of utmost importance in order to identify new medicine and evaluate the efficacy and safety of new medicines. Hence, pharmaceutical companies heavily invest in R&D, in order to enhance an existing product or create a new type of drug regarding its process, techniques & several other things. Pharmaceuticals is the only industry in India, that invest in primary research.

Drug Inspector

One of the most rewarding job opportunities available in the Pharmacy Industry is the position of a Drug Inspector. As the name suggests, the job profile will require a candidate to ensure that the quality, safety and utility of the drug in-production will be the priority of a Drug Inspector. However, the job will also ask you to be patient in testing the drug and being confident in your results and yourself.

A job as a Drug Inspector is usually found in the government sector, which brings is its own set of advantages as well. However, if you aspire to become a drug inspector, it will be necessary to sit for one of the National-Level or State-Level recruitment exams such as SSC, UPSC, PSC or others. All recruitments to the course will be based on the recruitment exams being conducted for the position.

Production and Quality Control

Pharmaceutical and medical devices production/ manufacturing units recruit B. Pharmacy graduates to supervise the daily operations and quality of formulations. Initially, the salary is low so it is best to increase your academic qualification if you wish to enter this sector with a high package. However, if a B. Pharmacy degree holder is efficient enough, after 4-5 years, he/ she may get an increment. The salary varies from Rs. 8,000-20,000 per month depending on their skills and the company hiring them.

Sales & Marketing Executive

The sales and marketing job function absorbs the maximum number of pharmacy graduates. The number of jobs available in the sales function is plenty. The salary structure is also decent. More importantly, on good performances, the incentives are really lucrative. The job is challenging of course, but rewarding as well.

You have to travel a lot, and you do get chances to travel to new places in India and abroad (sponsored by employers). The pressure of achieving targets is obviously there, but, more often than not, the targets are pretty achievable.

Health inspectors

A Health Inspector is tasked with the responsibilities of upkeeping the various sanitary standards set by the state for institutions and businesses like restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, daycares centres, schools. A Health Inspector is both a lucrative and respectable career option after B.pharm. Health Inspectors work both locally and directly for the state government and conduct routine checks at various institutions to enforce the required sanitary standards to eliminate any potential hazard risks. Health inspectors are involved in onsite inspections and desk jobs. They are responsible for taking necessary actions against valid complaints to counter health hazards such as sewage overflows, insect bites, animal bites, and parasite infections. A health inspector is expected to receive a base pay of around Rs.30000.

Medical Underwriter

Moving away from the traditional career options available for B.pharm graduates, a career as a medical underwriter provides opportunities to work as medical scribes, medical transcriptionists or even coders. Options to work as a writer who devises medical document or handle medical insurance-related records are also available. Even though knowledge in anatomy, pharmacology and terminologies related to medicine is a prerequisite for the job, candidates should expect to gain reasonable experience in the field before receiving high paychecks.

What are the B Pharm Job Opportunities?

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